Congressional Digest

Supreme Court Debates May 2015 No 5. Vol 18.

The Confederate Flag and Free Speech

Do State Specialty License Plates Qualify as Government Speech?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Health Care Subsidies April 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 4
    Does the Affordable Care Act Prohibit Federal Health Care Exchanges From Offering Subsidies for Health Insurance?
  • Financing Judicial Elections March 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 3
    Is a State Rule Prohibiting Judicial Candidates From Directly Soliciting Campaign Contributions Unconstitutional?
  • Free Speech on Signs February 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 2
    Does Gilbert, Arizona’s Sign Code Violate First Amendment Protections?
Congressional Digest May 2015 No 5. Vol 94.

Science and the Environment

Should the House Pass H.R. 1030, the Secret Science Reform Act?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • E-Cigarettes April 2015 | Vol. 94 No. 4
    Should the Manufacture and Marketing of E-Cigarettes Be Strictly Regulated?
  • Immigration Reform March 2015 | Vol. 94 No. 3
    Should the Senate Vote on a Homeland Security Appropriations Bill That Does Not Contain Immigration Riders?
  • Law Enforcement and Community Relations February 2015 | Vol. 94 No. 2
    Are Federal Programs that Provide Military Equipment to State and Local Police Departments Effective?
International Debates Archives December 2013 No 9. Vol 11.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

Should the United States Impose Additional Economic Sanctions on Iran?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Human Rights in Russia November 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 8
    Does the Russian Federation Have a Deteriorating Human Rights Record?
  • Arms Trade Treaty October 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 7
    Should the United Nations General Assembly Approve the Arms Trade Treaty?
  • NSA Surveillance September 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 6
    Do the National Security Agency Surveillance Programs Violate American Citizens’ Civil Liberties?

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