Congressional Digest

Supreme Court Debates March 2011 No. 3 Vol. 14
Gale Garriott

Church vs. State

Tax Credits for Religious Education

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Gale Garriott


Paula S. Bickett, Counsel of Record In 1997, the State of Arizona enacted the Scholarship Tax Credit Program, Arizona Revised Statute Section 43-1089(A), which authorizes individuals to claim a State tax credit of up to $500 (or $1,000 for married couples filing jointly) for donations to qualified school tuition organizations (STOs). The organizations were permitted to use this money to provide scholarships for students to attend private schools of the STO’s choosing, including those backed by religious groups. Following its enactment, a group of Arizona citizens filed suit against the director of the Arizona Department of Revenue (currently Gale Garriott)…

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