Congressional Digest

Supreme Court Debates February 2016 No 2. Vol 19.

Legislative Redistricting

Does a State’s Use of Total Population Instead of Eligible Voters When Creating Legislative Districts Violate the Constitution?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Race in College Admissions January 2016 | Vol. 19 No. 1
    Does the University of Texas’s Use of Race in Admissions Decisions Violate the Fourteenth Amendment?
  • Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection December 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 9
    Did Prosecutors in Timothy Tyrone Foster’s Capital Murder Trial Commit Racial Discrimination When Selecting His Jury?
  • Life Without Parole November 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 8
    Should the Supreme Court’s Decision Striking Down Mandatory Life Sentences for Juvenile Convicts Be Enforced Retroactively?
Congressional Digest February 2016 No 2. Vol 95.

Combating Climate Change

Should Congress Rescind EPA’s Clean Power Rules?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

International Debates Archives December 2013 No 9. Vol 11.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

Should the United States Impose Additional Economic Sanctions on Iran?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Human Rights in Russia November 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 8
    Does the Russian Federation Have a Deteriorating Human Rights Record?
  • Arms Trade Treaty October 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 7
    Should the United Nations General Assembly Approve the Arms Trade Treaty?
  • NSA Surveillance September 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 6
    Do the National Security Agency Surveillance Programs Violate American Citizens’ Civil Liberties?

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