Congressional Digest

Congressional Digest December 2015 No 10. Vol 94.

Domestic Surveillance Reform

Should Spying on American Citizens Be Curtailed?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Iran Nuclear Deal November 2015 | Vol. 94 No. 9
    Should the Iran Nuclear Agreement Be Allowed to Stand?
  • Planned Parenthood Funding October 2015 | Vol. 94 No. 8
    Should Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood Be Prohibited?
  • California Drought September 2015 | Vol. 94 No. 7
    Should the House Pass H.R. 2898, the Western Water and American Food Security Act?
Supreme Court Debates November 2015 No 8. Vol 18.

Life Without Parole

Should the Supreme Court’s Decision Striking Down Mandatory Life Sentences for Juvenile Convicts Be Enforced Retroactively?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Lethal Injection October 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 7
    Does the Use of Midazolam During Executions Violate the Eighth Amendment’s Prohibition of “Cruel and Unusual” Punishment?
  • Same-Sex Marriage September 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 6
    Are All States Constitutionally Required to Recognize Same-Sex Marriages?
  • The Confederate Flag and Free Speech May 2015 | Vol. 18 No. 5
    Do State Specialty License Plates Qualify as Government Speech?
International Debates Archives December 2013 No 9. Vol 11.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

Should the United States Impose Additional Economic Sanctions on Iran?
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Recent Pro & Con Issues:

  • Human Rights in Russia November 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 8
    Does the Russian Federation Have a Deteriorating Human Rights Record?
  • Arms Trade Treaty October 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 7
    Should the United Nations General Assembly Approve the Arms Trade Treaty?
  • NSA Surveillance September 2013 | Vol. 11 No. 6
    Do the National Security Agency Surveillance Programs Violate American Citizens’ Civil Liberties?

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