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Immigration Reform March 2015 Law Enforcement and Community Relations February 2015 The Keystone XL Debate January 2015 Ebola Epidemic December 2014 The Islamic State and U.S. Policy November 2014 Marijuana Policy October 2014 United States Ocean Policy September 2014 Internet Governance June 2014 Women’s Pay Equity May 2014 Early Childhood Education April 2014 Job Training March 2014 Unemployment Compensation February 2014 Changing the Filibuster Rules January 2014 LGBT Rights in the Workplace December 2013 The New Food Stamp Fight November 2013 Sexual Assault in the Military October 2013 Redefining the US-Cuba Relationship September 2013 Aviation Safety June 2013 Raising the Minimum Wage May 2013 Broadband Expansion April 2013 Gun Violence Prevention March 2013 Wind Energy February 2013 The Future of Coal January 2013 The High Cost of Floods December 2012 Veterans Employment November 2012 The 2012 Election October 2012 Transportation Infrastructure Investment September 2012 Violence Against Women June 2012 Oil Industry Tax Breaks May 2012 Mandated Contraceptive Coverage April 2012 Fracking and Drinking Water Safety March 2012 Saving the Postal Service February 2012 Funding Presidential Campaigns January 2012 Keystone Pipeline December 2011 Internet Piracy November 2011 Ethanol Subsidies October 2011 Space Exploration September 2011 Medicare and the Budget June 2011 Public Broadcasting May 2011 High-Speed Rail April 2011 The Health Care Debate Continues March 2011 Filibuster Reform February 2011 The Bush Tax Cuts January 2011 Child Nutrition December 2010 The DREAM Act November 2010 Controlling Toxic Substances October 2010 Campaign Finance & Free Speech September 2010 The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill June 2010 Mountaintop Removal Mining May 2010 Gays in the Military April 2010 Job Creation March 2010 The Deficit and the Debt February 2010 Consumer Financial Protection January 2010 Health Care Reform December 2009 Federal Student Loans November 2009 Executive Compensation October 2009 Poverty in America September 2009 Credit Card Reform June 2009 Helping Homeowners May 2009 Reshaping National Priorities April 2009 Unionizing Workers March 2009 Saving the Big Three February 2009 Infrastructure Financing January 2009 Tobacoo Regulation December 2008 Forestalling Economic Disaster November 2008 The 2008 Election October 2008 Energy Consumption September 2008 Biofuels Expansion June 2008 No Child Left Behind Revisited May 2008 Food Safety April 2008 Foreign Intelligence Gathering March 2008 The Torture Debate February 2008 Mine Safety January 2008 Affordable Housing December 2007 U.S. Troop Deployment November 2007 Covering Uninsured Children October 2007 Sub-Saharan Africa’s Public Health Crisis September 2007 Hate Crimes June 2007 D.C. Voting Representation May 2007 Renewable Fuels Policy April 2007 The Minimum Wage Debate March 2007 Network Neutrality February 2007 Fisheries Management January 2007 HIV/AIDS in America December 2006 Voting Integrity November 2006 Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling October 2006 Compulsory National Service September 2006 Federal Student Aid June 2006 Lobbying Reform May 2006 Warrantless Government Surveillance April 2006 Health Savings Accounts March 2006 Roadless Forest Areas February 2006 Re-examining Eminent Domain January 2006 Journalistic Privilege December 2005 Natural Disasters November 2005 Estate Tax Repeal October 2005 Civil Liberties in Times of War September 2005 Guest Workers June 2005 Judicial Nominations May 2005 Iraq Two Years Later March 2005 Indecency in the Media February 2005 Special Education Reform January 2005 Intelligence System Reform December 2004 The PATRIOT Act Revisited November 2004 The 2004 Election October 2004 United Nations Peacekeeping September 2004 Asbestos Compensation June 2004 Military Draft May 2004 Highway Funding April 2004 Overtime Pay March 2004 The Ongoing Medicare Debate February 2004 Climate Change January 2004 Military And Reconstruction Funding December 2003 Importing Prescription Drugs November 2003 Media Ownership October 2003 Ocean Policy September 2003 Partial-Birth Abortion June 2003 Restructuring Head Start May 2003 Government Technology Survillance April 2003 Fighting for Air March 2003 Medical Liability Insurance February 2003 Crack vs. Powder Cocaine January 2003 How to Protect the Nation October 2002 Disarming Iraq December 2002 Forest Management November 2002 Welfare Reauthorization September 2002 Enron Fallout June 2002 Americans and Their Cars May 2002 High-Speed Internet Access March 2002 Charitable Choice February 2002 Mental Health Parity January 2002 Train Travel in America December 2001 War on Terrorism November 2001 Stem Cell Research October 2001 National Security After the Cold War August 2001 Oil Drilling in Alaska June 2001 The OSHA Ergonomics Standard May 2001 Airline Mergers April 2001 Genetically Modified Foods March 2001 U.S. Aid to Colombia February 2001 Electoral College January 2001 Strategic Petroleum Reserve December 2000 DNA Testing and Capital Punishment November 2000 Medical Records Privacy August 2000 China and World Markets June 2000 Taxing E-Commerce May 2000 Cleaner-Burning Gasoline April 2000 Minimum Wage March 2000 Internet Privacy February 2000 Financial Services Restructuring January 2000 Nuclear Weapons December 1999 Firearms in America November 1999 Patients’ Bill of Rights October 1999 The Federal Role in Education August 1999 Y2K Issues June 1999 The Independent Counsel Law May 1999 NATO’s 50th Anniversary April 1999 Impeachment of the President February 1999 National Parks and Public Lands January 1999 Bankruptcy Reform December 1998 Physician-Assited Suicide November 1998 Campaign Finance Reform October 1998 U.S. Relations with Russia August 1998 Drunk Driving June 1998 Puerto Rico Political Status May 1998 International Monetary Fund April 1998 Superfund Reform March 1998 Human Cloning February 1998 Nuclear Waste Storage January 1998 Iran’s Nuclear Program December 2013 Human Rights in Russia November 2013 Arms Trade Treaty October 2013 NSA Surveillance September 2013 Drone Use by the U.S. Military May 2013 Defending Cyberspace April 2013 Chaos in Mali March 2013 International Disability Protections February 2013 Palestinian Statehood January 2013 The Benghazi Attack December 2012 Children and Armed Conflict November 2012 Foreign Policy and the 2012 Election October 2012 Law of the Sea Convention September 2012 Transition in Afghanistan May 2012 U.S. Aid to China April 2012 The Obama Defense Budget March 2012 Labeling Imported Food December 2011 Prosecuting Suspected Terrorists December 2011 National Cybersecurity December 2011 Free Trade with South Korea November 2011 Peace Corps at 50 October 2011 Syria Crackdown September 2011 U.S. International Broadcasting May 2011 Libyan Uprising April 2011 Revolution in Egypt March 2011 Haiti’s Recovery and Reconstruction February 2011 Water and Sanitation January 2011 Iran Sanctions December 2010 China’s Currency Policy November 2010 The New START Treaty October 2010 The U.S. Military Presence Abroad September 2010 2010 British Parliamentary Elections May 2010 Google vs. China April 2010 Terrorist Activity in Yemen March 2010 U.S.-Mexico Border Violence February 2010 The Horn of Africa January 2010 The Road to Copenhagen December 2009 U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan November 2009 Chinese Tire Tariffs October 2009 Upheaval in Honduras September 2009 Children’s Rights May 2009 International Family Planning April 2009 Buy American March 2009 Lifting Cuba Sanctions February 2009 Free Trade with Colombia January 2009 United Nations Peacekeeping December 2008 Turmoil in Zimbabwe November 2008 Foreign Policy and the 2008 Election October 2008 The Georgian Crisis September 2008 The Question of Tibet May 2008 Iraqi Refugees April 2008 Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence March 2008 Pakistan on the Brink February 2008 Controlling Global Warming January 2008 The United States and Iran December 2008 Armenian Genocide November 2007 Judging the Surge October 2007 Myanmar/Burma September 2007 The Falklands/Malvinas Islands May 2007 U.S.-Peru Relations April 2007 Debating Iraq War Policy March 2007 Internet Gambling February 2007 The U.S.-India Trade Deal January 2007 Trade with Vietnam December 2006 The North Korean Nuclear Test November 2006 The U.S.-Mexico Border October 2006 The Israel-Lebanon Crisis September 2006 The Human Rights Council May 2006 Guantanamo Bay Detainees April 2006 Genetically Modified Foods March 2006 Nuclear Weapons February 2006 Assassination of Rafik Hariri January 2006 Internet Governance December 2005 World Oil Prices November 2005 Global Climate Change October 2005 The Cuban Trade Embargo September 2005 The Ongoing NAFTA Debate May 2005 Law of the Sea April 2005 Cyprus divided March 2005 The Iraq Oil-for-Food Program February 2005 Global Trade Wars January 2005 The Kashmir Dispute December 2004 Democracy in Venezuela November 2004 Russia and Chechnya October 2004 Crisis in Sudan September 2004 The Palestinian Question May 2004 Landmine Eradication April 2004 European Union Migration March 2004 Capital Punishment February 2004 Security Council Reform January 2004 Northern Ireland Peace Process December 2003 Postwar Iraq November 2003 Whaling Policy October 2003 Japan’s Defense Policy September 2003 Genocide in Yugoslavia May 2003 World AIDS Crisis April 2003 North Korea’s Nuclear Program March 2003 European Union Enlargement February 2003 The Iraqi Crisis January 2003 Financing Judicial Elections March 2015 Free Speech on Signs February 2015 Internet Threats January 2015 Protecting Whistleblowers December 2014 Religious Freedom Behind Bars November 2014 Internet Television October 2014 Cellphone Searches September 2014 Contraception Under Obamacare May 2014 Color-blind College Admissions April 2014 Abortion Protests March 2014 Recess Appointments February 2014 Legislative Prayer January 2014 Chemical Weapons in America December 2013 Campaign Fundraising November 2013 Reconsidering the Voting Rights Act October 2013 Human Genome Research September 2013 Gay Marriage May 2013 DNA Testing of Arrestees April 2013 Freedom of Information March 2013 Warrantless Blood-Alcohol Tests February 2013 Drug-Sniffing Dogs January 2013 U.S. Copyright Law December 2012 Diversity in College Admissions November 2012 Life Without Parole Revisited October 2012 Arizona’s Immigration Law September 2012 Health Care Reform May 2012 In Vitro Fertilization Controversy April 2012 The Stolen Valor Act March 2012 Indecency on the Air January 2012 Warrantless GPS Tracking January 2012 Congress’s Role in Foreign Policy December 2011 Arrestee Strip Searches November 2011 Sexual Discrimination at Walmart October 2011 Free Speech and Campaign Funding September 2011 Minors and Miranda May 2011 Material Witness Detentions April 2011 Church v. State March 2011 Warrantless Searches February 2011 Illegal Workers January 2011 Violent Video Games December 2010 Protesting Military Funerals November 2010 The Right to Remain Silent October 2010 The Elena Kagan Nomination September 2010 Church vs. State on Campus May 2010 Gun Control in the States April 2010 Material Support for Terrorists March 2010 Prosecutorial Immunity February 2010 Life Without Parole for Minors January 2010 Religious Displays in a National Preserve December 2009 Animal Cruelty in Media November 2009 Race Discrimination in Promotions October 2009 The Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation September 2009 Electioneering Communications May 2009 Judicial Elections April 2009 Asylum in America March 2009 Free Expression in a Public Forum February 2009 Post-September 11 Detentions January 2009 Broadcast Indecency December 2008 Navy Sonar Exercises November 2008 Trafficking in Child Pornography October 2008 Driving Under the Influence September 2008 The Second Amendment May 2008 Open Primaries April 2008 Lethal Injections March 2008 Voter ID Laws February 2008 Enemy Detainees January 2008 Sentencing Guidelines December 2007 The President’s Treaty Power November 2007 Gender in the Workplace October 2007 Regulating Campaign Advertising September 2007 Student Speech May 2007 Police Chasing April 2007 Global Warming March 2007 Political Advocacy by Unions February 2007 Race in Public Education January 2007 Partial-Birth Abortion Ban December 2006 Prejudicial Displays in Court November 2006 Warrantless Police Entries October 2006 Prosecuting Enemy Combatants September 2006 Rights of Foreign Nationals May 2006 The Texas Redistricting Fight April 2006 The Samuel Alito Nomination March 2006 On-Campus Military Recruiting February 2006 Parental Notification Laws January 2006 The Right to Die December 2005 The John Roberts Nomination November 2005 Election Participation October 2005 Internet File-Sharing September 2005 The Ten Commandments May 2005 Eminent Domain April 2005 Age Discrimination March 2005 Compelled Speech February 2005 Alcohol Regulation January 2005 Executing Minors Decemeber 2004 Executive Branch Powers October 2004 Detaining Enemy Combatants September 2004 The Pledge of Allegiance May 2004 Interrogating Juveniles April 2004 State Funding of Divinity Studies March 2004 Redistricting Battles February 2004 Police Roadblocks January 2004 Drug Addiction in the Workplace Decemeber 2003 Regulating Campaign Fundraising November 2003 Affordable Prescription Drugs October 2003 Antisodomy Laws September 2003 Racial Diversity in Higher Education May 2003 Forced Sanity April 2003 Protection from Sex Offenders March 2003 Cross Burning February 2003 Abortion Protests as Extortion January 2003 Three Strikes Laws December 2002 Copyright Term Extension Act November 2002 Land-Use Regulation October 2002 Student Drug Testing September 2002 Applying the Death Penalty May 2002 School Choice April 2002 HMO Coverage Decisions March 2002 Internet Pornography February 2002 Privacy in the Classroom January 2002 Minority Hiring Preferences December 2001 Electric Energy Transmission November 2001 Regulating Tobacco Advertising October 2001 Copyright Law in the Digital Age September 2001 Medical Use of Marijuana May 2001 The Casey Martin Case April 2001 Wiretapping and Pricavy Rights March 2001 The Presidential Election Controvery February 2001 The Clean Air Act January 2001 State Regulation of Federal Elections December 2000 Drug-Testing of Pregnant Women November 2000 Abortion Law and the Court October 2000 Miranda Rights and Police Interrogation September 2000 Religion and Public Education May 2000 Violence Against Women (2000) April 2000 Grandparents’ Rights March 2000 Federal Control of Tobacco Use February 2000 Decency and Community Values January 2000 Funding University Clubs December 1999 Financing Political Campaigns November 1999 Welfare Reform in the States October 1999 Defining “Disability” in the ADA September 1999 Law Enforcement and the Media May 1999 Gifts to Federal Employees April 1999 Sexual Harassment in the Schools March 1999 The Year 2000 Census January 1999 Disabilities and Public Education December 1998 Fourth Amendment Rights November 1998 Attorney-Client Privilege October 1999 The Line Item Veto September 1998 Same-Sex Harassment April 1998

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