Congressional Digest

International Debates Archives February 2011 No. 2 Vol. 9
TransAfrica Forum

Haiti's Recovery and Reconstruction

A Year After the Earthquake

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TransAfrica Forum

Joia Jefferson Nuri, Chief of Staff

TransAfrica Forum is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 to represent the interests of peoples of African descent around the world. Joia Jefferson Nuri is chief of staff for TransAfrica Forum. Prior to joining the organization, she worked as a journalist in Washington for over 30 years. The following is excerpted from the July 29, 2010, House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere hearing “The Crisis in Haiti: Are We Moving Fast Enough?” To answer your question, are we moving fast enough: absolutely not. We are not. It is TransAfrica’s assessment that despite the high level of financial resources…

More on Haiti's Recovery and Reconstruction:

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